Clay Avenue Looking West, Jeannette, PAThe brand new community of Jeannette grew at a rapid pace in its early years. This community that started in 1888, grew from farmlands and a handful of pioneer glassworkers and their families to a population of some 3,000. During the same year, the Pennsylvania Railroad constructed a station on the mail line. Jeannette became known as the “fastest growing community on the main line”.

H. Sellers McKee noted the waste of natural gas in the Grapeville field and decided to bring his glass making factories here from the Southside (Birmingham), Pittsburgh, to build a City. About five hundred acres of land was purchased and engineers began at once to lay out the ground for factory and house sites. Mr. McKee wished to honor his wife by giving the new town her name, so it was named Jeannette.

By the turn of the century, Jeannette’s economy was centered around four glass manufacturing plants and the construction, trade and service activities needed by a growing community. The city soon grew to house seven glass companies and largest tableware glass factory in the world.

Dubbed originally the “Glass City”, because it was founded on a glass manufacturing center, the diversification of the manufacturing and industry, as came to exist in later, more recent years, earned the City the proud title “An American Workshop.”

 As Jeannette became a leader in the glasswork industry it continued to heighten its innovations.

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